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Acquisition of Rolling stock for Heathrow Express
and Heathrow Connect

Andrew Walker assisted BAA plc in its original acquisition of rolling stock for Heathrow Express.
These trains have proven to be very successful in service operation. Following on from this,
we recently appointed Andrew to assist in the procurement of trains for our new Heathrow Connect services.

Andrew has unrivalled experience and understanding of the rail industry. In addition to his considerable knowledge in the procurement of rolling stock, he also provided assistance with the acquisition of the signalling system for BAA’s new Terminal 5 – due for opening in April 2008.

BAA and Heathrow Express rely heavily on external advice from consultancies in our rail operations business. Andrew has demonstrated time and again his value to us, in being able to lead and manage complex  projects, professionally, with the minimum amount of fuss and the maximum amount of value!”

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